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Welcome To IASGCON 2013!!
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Conference Secretariat
Dr.Sanjay De Bakshi
7/2 Diamond Harbor Road
Kolkata 700027, India
Secretary: Ms.Ruma Samanta 09748033570 (Mob)
e-mail id: iasgcon2013@gmail.com

Dear All,

We, the Organizers of the IASGCON 2013, wish to thank a number of people for helping us to hold this conference.

The industry came out richly with their support. Our Institutional Partners, CMRI and Woodlands Hospital put their entire support behind us. We owe them a great debt of gratitude.

I wish to put on record that the Live Workshop would not have been possible without the entire team at CMRI working in cohesion. The conference saw state of art surgeries demonstrated, including a pancreaticoduodenectomy, a gastrectomy , a hepatectomy and a shunt done in the open surgery suites. We had a laparoscopic APR including a demonstration of prone perineal operation, a bariatric procedure and even a laparoscopic total colectomy.

We wish to thank Woodlands for its choice and sponsorship of the elegant registration kit.

We thank all the stalwarts who attended the conference and brought a rich bouquet of their experience to the conference. We even had an econference for the Combined SSAT and IASG Session, where Dr Kevin F Stavely O’ Carroll contributed via an internet link. We had stalwarts giving state-of art talks; Dr Kevin F Stavely O’ Carroll took us through the biology of Hepatocellular Carcinoma, Prof Yamamoto gave the brilliant Lucknow Oration on Peri-hilar Cholangicarcinoma, Prof Takeshi Sano gave a detailed IASG-AIG Oration on Seeking the Best Staging System for Gastric Cancer and Dr H Ramesh was at his ebullient best for the Veerabhai J.R. Das Agarwal Oration where he took us on a humorous and witty trip through time during his talk Surgical Gastroenterology: looking back, looking forward.

We had a large turnout of over 700 delegates and the best was that we had representations from all over India, Eastern India and abroad. I thank you all for making this conference successful.

I led a team of dedicated people, some of whom you saw and some you didn’t. As their leader I wish to give credit to them for their unstinting help. If you enjoyed the conference, it was because of their untiring effort. If there were problems, and I am sure that even the best planned conferences have them, please put the blame at my door.

We have already planned and printed the Supplement to Tropical Gastroenterology containing the abstracts of the papers presented at a record short time that was given to us. This will be available on the net; you will need to pay the posting charges. We also hope to put out DVDs of the live Workshop and the Conference. You will need to keep a watch on this website for further details.

The main purpose of the conference was to introduce Surgical Gastroenterology to Eastern India. I do think that we may have made a small but significant beginning.

Dr Sanjay De Bakshi

Organizing Secretary;


DVD for the conference
DVD for unedited operating session
Supplement to Tropical Gastroenterology (vol.34 No.3 supplement I, July - Sept 2013)
Package for all three